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Venn MSP Partnerships

Venn’s Virtual Desktop Alternative gives managed service providers a new solution to empower users and ensure security and compliance – while bringing potential leads to support business growth.

Venn VDI Platform supports MSPs in various programs
Venn VDI solution for MSPs

The Virtual Desktop Alternative

Venn is the industry’s first Virtual Desktop Alternative (VDA). It replaces legacy virtual desktop infrastructure with a modern approach that makes it easy for managed service providers to secure their customers’ data and devices.

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MSPs use Venn to create a smart, secure perimeter around work applications and data

Productive. Protected. Private.

Venn combines a Zero Trust security architecture with breakthrough LocalZone™ technology, creating a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s work applications and data.

With Venn, users work locally, on any device with a single sign-on.

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A Better Solution for Managed Service Providers

Differentiate Your Offering

Elevate your security and compliance tools from commodity offerings to strategic end-user computing (EUC) solutions that set you apart from off-the-shelf VDI and DaaS products.

Delight Customers & End Users

Reduce support calls and ticket requests, delivering unparalleled performance and customer satisfaction while ensuring user productivity, protection and privacy.

Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Streamline vendors and infrastructure, avoiding complex integrations with a single solution that ensures compatibility and compliance across thousands of apps on any device, anywhere.

Increase Profit Margins

Build out an InfoSec practice that earns more dollars per user than standard IT services, allowing you to leverage existing staff without hiring expensive security experts.

Rely on a True Partner

Advance and deploy solutions with new and existing customers through enhanced training, co-marketing initiatives, collaborative sales approaches and industry-leading support.  

Leading MSP partner focusing on the RIA industry

Customer Spotlight

A leading MSP partner was facing competitive pressure against others specializing in the RIA industry. Their in-house environment was sophisticated but expensive and difficult to manage. After using Venn, their price point came down by 33%, and they started to win more deals. He landed four new customers the month following switching to Venn.

The Results

The MSP partner was able to reduce costs 33% and startedwinning deals. Their revenue increased while implementing our offering, eliminatingmultiple point solutions.

$300 to $200 reduction in per user cost

10 point solutions eliminated

4 new customers landed in month following switch

Venn Application Catalog

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Venn integrates seamlessly with many apps and tools in a single unified app launcher, centralizing user management and automating access workflows.

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