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It’s Time for a New Approach

In today's world of remote work where the lines between business and personal activities are blurred, securing your endpoints is becoming more challenging.

Unrestricted Local Access

Browser-based applications make unrestricted local access to sensitive company data too risky. It’s simply too easy for users to accidentally or maliciously exfiltrate data.

Unrestricted local access

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

BYOD, work-from-anywhere and the rise of SaaS tools and video conferencing apps mean legacy VDI solutions do not provide the security or user experience today’s regulated firms need.

Virtual desktop infrastructure VDI today

A Breakthrough Virtual Desktop Alternative

Venn combines a Zero Trust security architecture with breakthrough LocalZone™ technology, creating a smart, secure enclave to protect a user’s work applications and data – no matter the device.

Future of VDI

Zero Trust Principles

Work | Personal Separation

Separate work and personal applications, files, and data on BYO devices

Data Protection

Use policies to prevent intentional or unintentional work data exfiltration or loss

Maximize Productivity

Maximize employee productivity without compromising work data security or compliance

Work Network Isolation

Protect work-related network traffic without impacting personal connectivity

Employee Privacy Protection

Protect privacy of personal applications, files, and data

Zero-Day Protection

Shield work apps, files and data from ransomware and zero-day vulnerabilities

Venn LocalZone

LocalZone™ Technology

As Venn's core technology, LocalZone puts all work applications and sensitive data in a smart, secure enclave that enables users to work in the local environment with zero lag performance. It isolates work apps, files and data from personal computing resources on the same device.

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Venn Access Client

Access Client

The Venn Access Client is a desktop and mobile app that validates device compliance and controls user access to work apps and files running in the LocalZone™. It provides a single point of access for all work apps, websites and files and helps identify and separate work resources from personal ones.

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Venn Compliance Center

Compliance Center

Venn provides active compliance assessment solutions and technical controls, complete with readily exportable usage data that saves IT and compliance teams time and aggravation during routine or unexpected audits.

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Venn Application Catalog

Explore Our Application Catalog

Venn integrates seamlessly with SaaS apps and tools in a single unified app launcher, centralizing user management and automating access workflows.

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