The Secure Workspace for Remote Work

Venn isolates and protects work from any personal use on the same computer, whether BYO or company-issued.


Introducing Venn

Venn is the secure workspace that offers regulated and security-minded organizations a radically simplified and cost effective solution to the integrated work/personal computing problem.

A Local Enclave Built to Keep Work Secure

Venn allows you to configure security policies that specifically help protect a company’s sensitive data, instead of having to protect the entire device. Policies can control which applications can run inside Venn, where data can be saved, and actions such as downloads, copy/paste, and screenshotting.

Enable Freedom Without Compromise

Venn empowers employees to be their best in work and life by allowing them the freedom and flexibility to use a single computer for both, without compromising organizational security and compliance. Applications are launched directly from the computer, not remotely delivered, providing optimal performance and a familiar experience that drives productivity and eliminates employee frustration.

Cut Costs with the VDI Alternative

Venn helps organizations reduce or eliminate the cost and complexity of buying, managing and securing company-owned PCs, as well as eliminating the need for clunky virtual desktop infrastructure. Enjoy the cost savings of implementing BYOD without spending nights worrying about the security ramifications.enn

A New Solution for IT Leaders and MSPs

Venn is purpose-built for organizations in regulated environments and the managed service providers they depend on to ensure compliance and empower productivity.

Partnering with MSPs on VDI solutions

For IT Leaders

Enable BYOD, onboard 1099’s and contractors, and more with the secure workspace designed for the modern way of work.


Partnering with IT leaders on VDI solutions

For Managed Service Providers

Differentiate your firm by providing a better end-user experience while increasing profit and reducing infrastructure and support costs.


You’re in Good Company

700+ regulated firms depend on Venn to protect and empower tens of thousands of users.

“By using Venn, we can leverage our time and talent to help our advisors be more successful. The solution helps Spire and our advisors compete with larger firms by leveraging the same technology and levels of security.”

- David Blisk, CEO, SPIRE Investment Partners


“The Venn team were able to put a variety of applications into Venn that made for easy remote or mobile computing, and their installations were flawless. The system works seamlessly, far better than anything we have had in the past.”

- Gary Schafer, COO, Atlanta Consulting Group


“It was an answer to our prayers. Everyone is so happy with it. We did the right thing and I can’t see a downside. This gives our employees the flexibility, and it’s just a seamless arrangement.”

- Eileen Friestad, President, CWP Management, Inc.


Resources & Insights

Compliance with Industry Standards

Venn ensures compliance with all current cybersecurity regulations which require development and implementation of mandatory policies, principles, standards and guidelines.

Discover the Virtual Desktop Alternative

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Learn why VDI and DaaS are not the ideal solution for remote workers. Check out our VDI challenges eBook.