The COVID-19 pandemic reinvented the way we work, and forced organizations around the globe to reevaluate how they manage their employee devices. The days of completely managed devices, handled by in-person IT teams and InfoSec professionals, became things of the past. New, agile strategies for employee computing have been developed and are being evaluated, and it’s become clear that distributing and managing devices isn’t feasible in a remote environment. For contact centers and BPOs with non-technical workforces and high turnover rates, providing devices makes even less sense. So, what does the future for these organizations look like?

Join us for our exciting new webinar, “How Contact Centers Reduce IT Costs & Improve Security in a Remote-First World,” with Dvir Shapira, CPO, Justin Kapahi VP Sales Engineering, and Perry Hiltz, Senior Sales Engineer, where you’ll hear more about enabling digital transformation at process outsourcing organizations. We’ll share strategies and tips for enabling employee success and understanding the technical needs of a variety of organizations. Want to know more? Sign up for your seat here, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Heather Howland

Heather Howland

SVP Marketing

Responsible for championing the Venn brand, building awareness, and accelerating growth. With 20+ years of marketing experience and various marketing leadership roles, I'm passionate about bringing new technologies to market.