My role as a Senior Sales Engineer is to interact with Venn’s customers, both new and existing, to demonstrate the value of Venn and our Secure Enclave for remote work. In my daily routine, I work remotely from my home office. I have been doing this for over 20 years. Since joining Venn, remote work for me has become a better way of life.  Previously, I had a personal computer and a work one.  When I did have to travel, I brought both.  Now with Venn, I have just one that has clear separation of work from personal on my own computer.  This offers great flexibility and the freedom to still perform my regular job functions, along with the ability to check the news, book personal travel, and work from essentially anywhere.

Remote Work Vacation

Speaking of booking personal travel, my wife and I love to take cruises around the Caribbean.  So, with the ability to work from anywhere here at Venn, these can now become Remote Work Vacations. You may have also heard these being called a Workcation.  This allows me to bring my work with me and essentially work from anywhere on the ship.  The great part of this is that it allows my wife and I to experience new countries and cultures when I’m done with work.  In fact, in our most recent cruise my wife was able to stand in the same location where her father was stationed during World War II.

Today, remote work is ubiquitous. More and more people have a flexible work from anywhere or hybrid role and some may live quite a distance from where their companies are located. Recently, I took a 9-night cruise aboard the Jewel of the Seas from Royal Caribbean in November of 2023.  The cruise originated in Newark, New Jersey and ended in San Juan Puerto Rico, with stops in Bermuda, Aruba, and Curacao.  Because I have the Secure Enclave installed on my laptop, I was able to work my regular business hours during each day right from my cabin and ensure that all my work is secure.

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Most cruise ships these days are utilizing Satellite connections for Internet Connectivity, and this allows me to remotely perform product demonstrations in multiple Zoom meetings per day.  I can also collaborate with my team on approaches for upcoming meetings, research customers in HubSpot, work on new demonstration video recordings, check on product updates, contact customers, and anything I can from home, but the best part of all is that the company’s data is always secure.  I can use all of my work apps to do all of my usual job functions while enjoying these new experiences with an easy way to switch over to my personal space to research what sights there are to see.

Sharing this unique remote work example of how I have been able to leverage Venn to securely work while cruising the Caribbean demonstrates the amount of flexibility that can be provided to remote workers   Between the functionality of the product and the ability to work on my own device, Venn’s Secure Enclave provides me with the ability to continue to work wherever I have an internet connection.  This is a key factor in supporting remote work.

How does Venn support remote work from anywhere?

Venn’s Secure Enclave allows users to work remotely in a secure manner from just about anywhere.  If a user can connect to the Internet, you can work remotely with Venn.  Venn provides three different pillars of security that help allow people to work from anywhere.

Application Security

The first pillar surrounds the idea of application security.  By making use of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, companies can control what users can do within their applications.  Can they copy/paste between the Secure Enclave and applications outside of the enclave? Can they take screen shots? Where can they save data?

Data Security

The second pillar deals with data security.  Venn makes use of a virtual hard drive mounted on the user’s computer that is fully encrypted and can only be accessed within Venn’s Secure Enclave.   Venn will then make use of the company’s sanctioned file system and lock it down to be only accessible from the Secure Enclave.  This can include Google Drive, OneDrive, or others.  If the person leaves the organization, Venn can remotely wipe this virtual drive off the device.

Network Connectivity

The third pillar of Venn addresses Network connectivity.  Venn makes use of a Private Company Gateway (PCG) which is comprised of a series of fixed and dedicated IP Addresses.  Venn connects the user’s computer to this gateway via a split-tunnel VPN.  By utilizing this practice, an end user can connect to Azure, Google, and SaaS applications that are controlled by IP restrictions regardless of where that user is located.

So, on a cruise ship where the ship is moving between satellites, how does this work? Venn’s Private Company Gateway helped to simplify this.  As the ship moved through the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, my internet address changed as the connectivity between Satellites changed.  But, with the PCG being a constant value, my connectivity was continually maintained.

What better way to demonstrate the power of Venn?

Embrace the change with Venn’s Secure Enclave, and work from anywhere!


Perry Hiltz

Perry Hiltz

Senior Sales Engineer

Solution driven Senior Sales Engineering professional with vast experience in Professional Services, Technical Presales, and Data Solutions. Extensive product knowledge to execute a pragmatic and proactive approach to analyze complex business needs to design customized solutions.