Welcome back to “Introducing Venn.” Hope you’ve enjoyed our walkthroughs of how DLP works in Venn, and how to enroll a mobile device! Today we’ll be diving into private company gateways, or PCGs. These secure checkpoints allow you to route your work traffic through a secure cloud. Let’s check out the video below for more info on Venn’s PCG capacities.

Securing Internet Access with PCGs

There are three primary perks of using private company gateways to protect your organization’s information and data

  1. Separation of Work and Personal:
    Venn is designed to enable users to utilize the same device for work and personal purposes without data spilling in either direction, and PCGs are a crucial part of separating internet traffic. Any work done in the LocalZone™ will be routed through Venn’s secure cloud, whereas any browsing done on applications outside of the LocalZone will route through your standard IP. A PCG is a great way to keep data safe on public wifi or a hotspot!
  2. Masks IP Addresses:
    By routing work traffic through a PCG you protect user IP addresses and visbility. The common gateway has a set IP, and LocalZone directs all traffic to that address. These functions protect both user and corporate IPs, as well as standardizing the flow of work traffic.
  3. Supporting IP Restrictions:
    A PCG is a great way to enable user efficiency by allowing them to use a variety of tools that would otherwise be locked by IP address. Many SaaS apps restrict usage based on IP, so a standardized IP, set by a PCG, enables all these apps to be used in the LocalZone.

Protect Your Endpoints with Venn

Venn’s approach to private company gateways enables BYOD by protecting work data from personal use, all on one device. Book a crisp demo with us today and we’ll be happy to share how Venn can help you secure your endpoints and enable your employees to use their devices of choice.

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