Users deserve better.

For too long, our industry has forced users to sacrifice productivity and experience in the name of security. We’ve given them cumbersome, inefficient ways of working securely, and chastised them when they didn’t follow the protocol.

Meanwhile, CISOs, IT teams and Managed Service Providers have been stuck with a lose-lose proposition – mandate unpopular and unproductive security hoops for users to jump through, or risk a crippling data breach.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions were supposed to be the answer. But they’ve only grown more out of step with each new reality of the modern working world.

We see a better way.

It’s time to put the user first. It’s time to make security work for them. It’s time to let CISOs deliver some good news for once: Freedom without compromise is possible. It’s here. It’s the future.

Venn has delivered a user-first security platform that empowers users, rather than restricting them.

We’re solving the shortcomings of VDI with the industry’s first true virtual desktop alternative (VDA). It delivers a 10x better user experience by eliminating the lag and compatibility challenges of legacy VDI.

It’s a new approach purpose-built for the modern mode of work and today’s modern worker.

Venn’s patented LocalZone™ technology creates a smart, secure perimeter around SaaS applications and data, enabling users to work locally with the sensitive information entrusted to them by their clients. It protects their privacy by separating work from personal activities on the same device.

It’s Productive. Protected. Private. It’s freedom without compromise.

We believe the future is local. That every person works better, faster, and smarter when they can work where they want, when they want, how they want.

We’re making compliance a seamless experience. We’re giving organizations, users and their clients peace of mind by keeping data secure without compromising productivity and flexibility.

We are the pioneers of new possibilities, introducing new technologies and innovations that let users work better and live better. Out with VDI. In with VDA.

We are Venn. We’re helping people thrive – to be at their best, every day. And we’re just getting started.

Ready to learn more about making the switch from legacy VDI to LocalZone™? Book a demo with our experts and experience Venn’s game-changing technology. We are excited to help you and your team stay productive, protected, and private with the industry’s first Virtual Desktop Alternative.

David Matalon

David Matalon

CEO & Founder

Leading an organization whose culture is built on the idea of work+life and helping people thrive, to be at their best every day in both work and life. Focusing on technology solutions that enable organizations to empower their people to enjoy more freedom and flexibility without compromising organizational security and compliance.