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Secure BYOD
for BPOs

Venn’s secure workspace for remote work empowers business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) to save money and respond more quickly to changing client demands by moving to BYOD without the complexity of VDI.

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A Secure Workspace for BPOs and Remote

Increasing regulatory requirements and chronic security threats are making it harder than ever for BPOs and contractors to navigate compliance for their clients while ensuring maximum productivity.  With Venn, work lives in a company-controlled secure enclave installed on the user’s computer, where all data is encrypted and access is managed. Business activity is isolated and protected from any personal use on the same computer. As a result, remote work can now easily be secured on any BYOD or unmanaged PC or Mac without VDI.

Stay Productive and Protected from

BPOs and contractors want the flexibility to work how 
and where they want. Venn provides a fast, familiar and flexible user experience on employee chosen devices, letting users seamlessly toggle between work and personal tasks without sacrificing security.

Compliance Made Simpler

BPOs with disparate hardware and software solutions struggle to both remain consistently compliant and control costs, increasing risk and technology spend. Venn eliminates the need for thirdparty solutions with a full, turnkey solution that consolidates infosec tools onto a single platform, featuring a full admin and compliance center.

Productive Employees and Satisfied Clients

Contract employees don’t want compliance or data
security to prevent them from effectively serving clients. Venn provides flexible, streamlined, and secure access to all the applications needed to exceed client expectations in a unified interface, including videoconferencing and CRM solutions.


A Breakthrough Alternative to VDI

Venn is the industry’s leading virtual desktop alternative for security and compliance-driven organizations. Venn creates a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s work applications and data.


Venn allows users to work locally the way they want to on the devices of their choice, from anywhere.


Venn protects work files and data from accidental or malicious exfiltration, compromise or loss.


Venn separates digital work from personal computing and ensures employees that their non-work related activities are not monitored.

Freedom Without Compromise

Venn is trusted by over 700 companies, including 400 financial services firms such as Fidelity,
Guardian, and Voya.



Customer Spotlight

A 130-year-old insurance company needed to upgrade to meet New York’s Department of Financial Services compliance

The Results

The client was able to achieve compliance using our technology as a gate to evaluate the security and compliance status of
every device used by their agents to access their online portal. Now entering their fourth year of successful partnership, they
are able to boast the highest levels of endpoint device security as a result of leveraging Venn.
  • 7,000 agents more productive and protected
  • Modernized technology infrastructure

Compliance with Industry Standards