Gladinet Inc., the industry’s go-to provider for seamless and secure file server mobilization, is elated to announce a transformative partnership with Venn. Venn is revolutionizing how businesses enable BYOD workforces, eliminating the hardware management costs and security complexities of buying laptops or virtual desktops. This groundbreaking collaboration is poised to redefine the landscape of digital workplace transformation by offering a comprehensive solution that not only revolutionizes file access but also provides a new innovative way for IT and security teams to secure remote work on any BYO or unmanaged laptops.

The urgency for digital transformation is magnified by the growing emphasis on remote work and the need for secure, efficient file,data, and application access. These challenges are met head-on through this partnership. Triofox excels in providing secure remote file access that circumvents the limitations posed by platforms like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Box. By integrating with Venn’s innovative Secure BYO-PC solution, the partnership is set to deliver an unparalleled, end-to-end solution that addresses multiple facets of the modern workplace.

Venn stands out for its revolutionary approach to securing remote work on BYO-PC , allowing employees the freedom and flexibility to use their own  computer (PC or Mac) for both personal and work-related tasks. This model not only reduces overhead but also empowers employees by allowing them the freedom to operate in a familiar computing environment. The applications are launched directly from the user’s computer, ensuring optimal performance, and eliminating the typical frustrations and inefficiencies that often accompany remote work solutions like virtual desktops. In doing so, Venn provides a level of operational fluency that complements Triofox’s own strengths in secure file accessibility.

Azam Ali of Triofox puts it succinctly: “This partnership represents the future of digital transformation. By synergizing Triofox’s robust capabilities in secure, seamless file access with Venn’s trailblazing solutions for simplified and Secure BYO-PC we’re laying the groundwork for a new era in business technology.”

David Matalon, CEO and Founder of Venn adds, “Customers today are looking for easier and more efficient ways to secure BYOD workforces and meet compliance regulations.  Our technologies have great synergies, and we are excited to partner with Triofox to provide our customers with secure file access on any user-owned or unmanaged BYOD laptop.”

For more information on how this partnership can catapult your organization’s digital transformation into a new realm of efficiency and security, contact us today.

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Heather Howland

Heather Howland

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