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  • Venn Receives Recognition for Pioneering Secure BYO-PC for Remote Work with Multiple Industry Awards


Venn Receives Recognition for Pioneering Secure BYO-PC for Remote Work with Multiple Industry Awards

New York, June 22, 2023 — Venn, innovators of the first purpose-built patented technology for Secure BYO-PC, is proud to announce that it has been honored by three industry organizations for its groundbreaking achievements in providing a secure workspace for remote work. Venn secures remote work on any unmanaged or BYOD computer with a radically simplified and less costly solution than virtual desktops.

As momentum in employers embracing remote work and more flexibility continues to grow, Venn is on the forefront of the future of remote work. The recognition further establishes Venn’s commitment to enabling remote workers to work securely and efficiently from anywhere. The awards, bestowed by renowned industry organizations and experts, serve as a testament to Venn’s dedication to quality and excellence and its exceptional contribution to securing remote work on any PC or Mac.

Venn’s achievements in bringing Secure Bring-Your-Own-PC Technology to market stem from its dedication to innovation, research, and development. “We are thrilled to receive these prestigious awards, which recognize our ongoing efforts to provide an unparalleled Secure BYO-PC solution for remote work environments,” said David Matalon, CEO and co-founder at Venn. “As the world evolves and remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, we remain committed to ensuring that individuals and businesses can embrace the new paradigm without compromising their data security. These accolades inspire us to continue pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards.”


The following accolades have been received:

1. Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Zero Trust Security, Secure Remote Access and SASE

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in information security. Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges who evaluate the nominees based on their products, services, and contributions to the cybersecurity industry.


2. Two Awards from Cyber Defense Magazine including Global Infosec Awards for Hot Company – Secure Remote Work and Publishers Choice – Zero Trust BYOD

The Global InfoSec Awards is one of the most respected cybersecurity awards in the industry. It recognizes organizations and products that demonstrate excellence in cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection. The awards are judged by a panel of experts from the cybersecurity community, including CISOs, industry analysts, and thought leaders.


3. Two Globee Awards for Innovation of the Year – Cybersecurity and Bring your Own Device (BYOD) Security,

The Globee Cybersecurity Awards recognize cybersecurity companies and professionals for their innovative approaches and effective solutions in ensuring security in the digital age. The awards cover various categories such as risk management, threat detection, cloud security, data privacy, and more.


Venn multiple award winner

With these awards, Venn reinforces its position as an industry leader and a trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable and secure remote work security solutions. The company’s commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation has solidified its reputation as the go-to provider in the field.


About Venn Software
Venn is the first purpose-built patented technology for Secure BYO-PC. Venn secures remote work on any unmanaged or BYOD computer with a radically simplified and less costly solution than virtual desktops or having to lock down every PC. Similar to an MDM solution but for laptops – work lives in a company-controlled Secure Enclave installed on the user’s PC or Mac, where all data is encrypted and access is managed. Work applications run locally within the enclave – visually indicated by the Blue Border™ – where business activity is isolated and protected from any personal use on the same computer. Company data is now protected without having to control the entire device, and as a result, remote work is secured without the cost, complexity and performance issues of VDI.
As happened in the past with mobile phones, employees want to use their preferred computer – not have one for work and one for personal – while companies are eager for ways to avoid buying, shipping and locking down computers. With Venn, Secure BYO-PC technology is now a reality. Over 700 security and compliance-driven organizations, including Fidelity, Guardian, and Voya, trust Venn to meet FINRA, SEC, NAIC, and SOC 2 standards.

To learn more, visit venn.com.