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Embrace Zero Trust

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Venn VDI solution for MSPs

To achieve Zero Trust, your goal is to ensure all employees whether in or outside the organization’s network, on any devices, and at anywhere are authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to all line-of-business applications and data.

More specifically, it means that:

Employees’ devices must be checked, compliant and approve

A secure private network connection must be the only allowable access path to business applications

The browsers and other local applications being used must run in a company-controlled work zone

Venn VDI solution for MSPs

If your employees can login to any business websites from a browser on any computer, your company have swung the pendulum too far with a lax security posture. The modern challenges businesses face today, including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments and ransomware threats, require a modern approach to enabling access that embraces the Zero Trust mantra of “never trust, always verify”.

According to a recent Venn/Harris Poll study, 71% of employed Americans have bypassed their company's IT policy to be more productive at their job. In securing the modern modes of work, today’s companies need to address the growing security threats and enable seamless user experience to help employees perform at the highest productivity levels.

The scope needs to extend across all sensitive applications and confidential data including email, financial applications, CRM, human resource systems, etc. We have all heard the incidents where highly confidential information was compromised, and inevitably, you learn that the breach happened in an environment where application access and control architecture had not been modernized.

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