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Practice Good Cyber Hygiene

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This is harder than it sounds. It takes consistent, diligent attention to maintain a “clean” cyber environment, particularly in today’s remote or hybrid working model where employees can work anytime, anywhere and on any devices.

The only way to make sure your software remains hack-resistant is to keep it up to date via patching. Patching is the fancy word for “updating your software,” and it is the cornerstone of cyber hygiene. You should always, only use the latest version of your software.

MSPs use Venn to create a smart, secure perimeter around work applications and data

Consider the zero-day security flaw, Log4J, that’s been in the news. Someone once said this before, which is a clear way to contextualize the magnitude of the vulnerability: Log4J is a faulty screw in every car across America. Everyone is probably using software that’s vulnerable because of Log4J. The flaw illuminates countless pathways for hackers to exploit. Right now, vendors are working on ways to mitigate the risk, and when their fixes are ready, they’ll send out notifications that it’s time to update their software. Don’t ignore the prompt! Don’t skip the update! Software vulnerabilities are discovered all the time and fixes can take time to roll out. Zero Trust architecture will drastically reduce the exposure.

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