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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

tru Independence

How tru Independence Evolved a Local Solution for Independent Financial Advisors

The Challenge:

The Results:

Venn gave us additional flexibility to better serve our clients and end users– and they’re happier because of it.

About tru

tru Independence empowers independent financial advisors to enhance and grow their businesses through services in business formation, technology & infrastructure, marketing, legal & compliance, operations, investment & research, and real estate. Based in Portland, Oregon, tru partners with financial advisors to simplify business processes.

The Challenge

With dozens of clients and hundreds of users, tru Independence understands just how important it is to safeguard sensitive customer and client data in today’s cybersecurity environment. tru wanted a solution that wouldn’t compromise productivity for security. They were looking for a solution that could provide robust security with minimal impact on user productivity. 


Knowing how financial advisors today work, tru Independence also wanted a solution that would be compatible with remote work, SaaS, video conferencing (Zoom), Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and mobile access. 


When tru Independence was founded, the company recognized the need to provide clients with a secure way of working no matter where they were. After evaluating other solutions and considering building one in-house, tru chose to partner with Venn for its expertise in security and compliance. tru implemented Citrix XenApp – a fully hosted workspace that allowed users to access work apps and data on any network.

But tru had challenges inherent with any fully hosted solution:

The Solution

The security model we have with Venn has been extremely beneficial for us from both an overall best practices and compliance perspective and from a functional perspective for our end-users.

— Paul Dalton Chief Technology Officer.

Achieving Goals with Venn

Venn understood the challenges of virtual desktop solutions in providing exceptional user experience while ensuring security and compliance. Venn set about developing a better way. In 2020, tru Independence moved to Venn’s Zero Trust Platform – a new approach that protected sensitive applications while empowering users to work locally on their personal devices and access everything they need within a secure perimeter that ensures data security and regulatory compliance. Venn brought immediate improvements for tru Independence and its clients.


“What Venn has always understood on a very fundamental level is that security and productivity cannot, and should not, be opposing forces.
When users can’t get their jobs done, security is going to suffer – one
way or another.”

Improved Security and Compliance
Elevated User Experience

Looking Ahead to a More Local Future with Venn

tru is first in line to adopt Venn’s latest innovation, the Venn secure enclave. In today’s remote work environment, clients expect solutions that allow them to work how they want, where they want, and when they want. With Venn, tru Independence has been able to offer that flexibility while still maintaining the highest level of security for its clients and their financial advisors. Venn promises to keep tru and its users productive, protected, and private whatever the future of work holds. “What the Venn team has built is a game changer, a virtual desktop alternative that will be a surefire way for us to empower financial advisors with new ways of working.”


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