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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

How Venn controls access to sensitive applications such as Outlook and Office 365

Unmanaged computers are ones that are typically owned by an individual, a third party (such as an outsourcing agency) or a company-owned computer that isn’t locked down. How can Venn help to secure applications on these devices? Venn allows you to lock down your work inside of the secure enclave and only allow access to your apps from inside of it, via our own company gateway, or your VPN, or SASE.

Trying to access these apps from outside the enclave will be blocked due to IP Restrictions. This way all of your sensitive data stays inside the enclave and cannot leak out. This makes the enclave a natural extension of your company’s perimeter. In this case, we are able to log in to applications such as Outlook within the enclave. But, if we were to try and do the same thing outside of the enclave, we’d be unable to do so. 

We are however able to log into a personal account within Outlook from outside of the enclave.