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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

How Venn allows for secure access to web apps

Venn provides secure access to web apps by isolating the work browser in a secure enclave and limiting access to SAS applications through VPN, Sassy, or the company’s gateway. By implementing IP restrictions, it prevents access to SAS apps outside the enclave, ensuring sensitive data remains within the secure perimeter. 


An example of the effectiveness of Venn-
Imagine using Venn’s Chrome window to access the website http://test-ip.venn.com. Within Venn, this browser automatically logs you in with a single sign-on (SSO). During this process, all your web traffic is directed through the Private Company gateway, ensuring a secure connection.

However, if you were to open another Chrome window outside of Venn and attempt to access the same website with the same credentials, you would be denied access. Venn’s IP restrictions prevent access from unauthorized IP addresses, adding an extra layer of security to your SaaS applications.  


Securing SaaS applications on unmanaged computers is a crucial aspect of maintaining data integrity and preventing security breaches. With Venn’s innovative solution, you can lock down your work browser inside a secure enclave and restrict access to SaaS apps. By implementing IP restrictions, Venn ensures that your sensitive data remains protected within the enclave, extending your company’s perimeter and safeguarding your valuable information. Take advantage of Venn’s powerful features to enhance the security of your SaaS applications on unmanaged devices.