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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

How Venn easily integrates with Okta for single sign-on to work applications

Venn has the ability to integrate with Okta by means of single sign-on allowing users to access Venn and their work applications in a secure manner with just their Okta account. This process simplifies the end user experience and allows OKTA to remain as the Identity Provider.

When a user opens the Venn application, they are presented with a screen to enter their email address. The user will then click on Next and be presented with their Okta Login screen. Here they enter their email address and Okta Password. OKTA will validate their credentials and open Venn.

After a brief optional compliance check, the user is logged into Venn and ready to securely begin their work day. From the Venn Application Launcher, Office, and any SaaS applications will utilize OKTA for their credentials.