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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

How Venn prevents taking screenshots of sensitive company information

Venn ensures data security by preventing screenshots and blocking data copying, protecting sensitive company information. Users in the Secure Enclave can see their permitted actions through a badge on the Blue Border.

Controlling Screen Sharing with Venn:

Venn offers fine-grained control over screen sharing capabilities, allowing companies to customize policies based on specific groups or users. By configuring policy settings, organizations can determine whether screen sharing is permitted and under what conditions. Within Venn, the badge system provides users with an intuitive interface to determine their allowed actions. For example, in an Excel window, the badge on the side indicates the user’s permissions. Clicking on the badge reveals a list of actions, and the presence of a lock icon next to an action signifies that it is restricted. When attempting a screen capture within Venn, any window within the secure enclave is completely blacked out, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden. Companies have the flexibility to allow window sharing, but with the requirement of providing a reason, which is then documented for auditing purposes.