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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Enabling BYOD Workforces and Digital Transformation

The urgency of digital transformation for BYOD workforces is magnified by the growing emphasis on remote work and the need for secure & efficient file, data, and application access in order to keep data secure and meet compliance. The cost and complexity of VDI, limitations of VPN bandwidth and data leakage risks are causing companies to look for a new approach.

In this webinar, Gladinet’s Triofox and Just Tech joined us to discuss how to overcome these challenges & walk through a customer case study in detail.

Watch and learn:

  • Security & compliance risks and challenges that arise with the increase in remote work
  • Current trends impacting the urgency for enabling BYOD workforces
  • How customers are using Venn and Triofox to protect sensitive data, apps and files on any BYO Mac or PC without the need for virtual desktops
  • Customer case study: Why a new approach and how they are solving it

Tackle digital transformation & overcome the challenges of enabling BYOD workforces.

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