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Comprehensive Compliance for IT Management

Venn’s patented LocalZone™ technology creates a smart, secure perimeter around SaaS applications and data, enabling users to work locally with sensitive information.

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Venn VDI Platform for CIOs and CTOs

Ensure Comprehensive Protection

Secure Data

Protects work data from accidental or malicious leakage

Maintain Control

Provides file-level and granular data leakage controls

Encrypt Intelligently

Work data are encrypted at rest, in use and in transit

Back Up Protection

File system can be dismounted on-the-fly

Reduce Complexity

Eliminate legacy VDI tech stack

Onboard with Speed

Onboard users rapidly with minimal retraining

Protect Almost Instantly

Platform deploys in minutes

Reduce Costs

Mobile support and network security are built in

A Breakthrough Virtual Desktop Alternative

Venn is the industry’s first Virtual Desktop Alternative (VDA) for regulated industries and security-minded firms. Venn creates a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s work applications and data.


    Venn allows users to work locally the way they want to on the devices of their choice, from anywhere.

    Venn protects work files and data from accidental or malicious exfiltration, compromise or loss.

    Venn separates digital work from personal computing and ensures employees that their non-work related activities are not monitored.
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Venn Platform for Security Minded Firms

Freedom Without Compromise

Venn is trusted by over 700 companies, including 400 financial services firms such as Fidelity, Guardian, and Voya.

Reputable broker-dealer firm headquartered in McLean, Virginia

Customer Spotlight

Changes in the financial industry caused their company to have shrinking margins. The client needed a product that could deliver the same security and benefits of legacy virtual infrastructure but at greatly reduced cost, increased simplicity, and a better user experience because they want to attract and retain Investment Partners and Wealth Management Affiliates.

The Results

The client modernized their tech stack and upgraded their IT architecture and capabilities with Venn’s technology, enabling hybrid workflows.

Increased cost savings

Advanced modernized infrastructure

Improved user experience

Venn Application Catalog

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Venn integrates seamlessly with many apps and tools in a single unified app launcher, centralizing user management and automating access workflows.

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Compliance with Industry Standards

Venn ensures compliance with all current cybersecurity regulations which require development and implementation of mandatory policies, principles, standards and guidelines.

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