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MDM for Laptops

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When consumer smartphones first became a phenomenon, companies supplied employees with separate work-only phones like Blackberry’s. Later as it became clear that carrying two phones and strictly splitting work and personal usage was untenable, a new category of management software called Mobile Device Management (MDM) emerged to enable work and personal activity to safely be conducted on a single device.
Today, with the rise of remote work, ananalogous problem has emerged for PCs.

Venn is the secure workspace that isolates and protects work from any personal use on the same computer thereby offering the following benefits:

Secure sensitive client assets

Venn allows companies to maintain full control over sensitive company data including what data can be accessed and how data isstored or shared without having to manage the whole PC.

Usser convenience and privacy

Enables users to have a single computer with clear separation between work and private personal uses.


Reduce or eliminate the cost and complexity of buying, managing and securing company-owned PCs and/or virtual desktop infrastructure.

Easy Deployment

Integrates with existing infrastructure and deploys in minutes.


Enables robust administrative control over work applications and data including policies for network access, peripheral use, copy-paste and more.

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