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Protect BYOD Access in Technology

Venn’s secure remote workspace is built to provide technology providers with the tools they need to promote employee productivity while protecting work data from personal use on the same device.

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Venn VDI Platform for Technology and SaaS Companies

A True Virtual Desktop Alternative for Technology Companies

Legacy VDI can’t keep up with the expectations of modern technology firms, providing clunky and cumbersome user experiences that hinder productivity and encourage employees to circumvent IT policies. Venn gives companies the power to protect user devices while delivering streamlined performance without the drawbacks of VDI.

Venn enhances BYOD policies for tech and saas companies

BYOD to Boost Employee Productivity

Stop wasting money on device refresh cycles and enable your employees to use the mobiles and computers they already own and know, while preventing personal computing from interfering with work applications.

Venn eliminates the need for VDI in tech companies

Compliance Made Easier

With Venn’s policy admin center administrators are able to modify company compliance settings and monitor devices in real time. With continual compliance checks and audit ready capabilities Venn provides organizations with the solutions they need to manage and secure a variety of endpoint devices.

Venn reduces the risk of data leakage for tech companies

Protecting Sensitive Information with DLP Controls

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a core part of the Venn platform, with LocalZone™ technology protecting devices with adjustable policy settings and tools like copy/paste and screen sharing prevention, remote wipe capabilities, and more. 

A Breakthrough Virtual Desktop Alternative

Venn is the industry’s first Virtual Desktop Alternative (VDA) for regulated industries and security-minded firms. Venn creates a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s work applications and data.


    Venn allows users to work locally the way they want to on the devices of their choice, from anywhere.

    Venn protects work files and data from accidental or malicious exfiltration, compromise or loss.

    Venn separates digital work from personal computing and ensures employees that their non-work related activities are not monitored.
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Venn Platform for Security Minded Firms

Freedom Without Compromise

Venn is trusted by over 700 companies, including 400 financial services firms such as Fidelity, Guardian, and Voya.

A large financial services firm focusing on wealth management

Customer Spotlight

An aggregator of broker dealers with 2,000+ advisors was looking for business efficiencies but had siloed technology and an inconsistent security infrastructure. The CTO was then made responsible for increasing profitability on a new line of business. They decided to build everything in-house and were unsuccessful with building an offering they could resell.

The Results

The client worked with us and were able to leverage our offering into a product they could easily resell.

200-user contract signed

Eliminated technology silos and security inconsistencies

Reduced complexity giving users a single login

Enabled BYOD from anywhere increasing productivity

Incremental Revenue on new line of business added to offering

Venn Application Catalog

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Venn integrates seamlessly with many apps and tools in a single unified app launcher, centralizing user management and automating access workflows.

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Compliance with Industry Standards

Venn ensures compliance with all current cybersecurity regulations which require development and implementation of mandatory policies, principles, standards and guidelines.

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