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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Virtual Desktop Alternative

Venn secures remote work on any unmanaged or BYOD computer with a radically simplified and less costly solution than VDI or DaaS. No remotely delivered desktops and zero backend infrastructure to support.

The Future of Remote Work is Changing

Virtual Desktops and DaaS have been common approaches to securing remote workers. But both have drawbacks including performance lags, poor user experience, unreliable video performance, a costly infrastructure and significant IT overhead. Venn’s new approach for securing remote work changes all that. Venn secures remote work on BYOD PCs and Macs without VDI. 

Native Experience:

Unlike VDI, work applications are run locally providing optimal performance and a familiar experience.


Meet compliance regulations and maintain full control over sensitive data including what can be accessed and how its stored.


Video and collaboration applications run reliably and smoothly.


Cut costs and reduce complexity and IT overhead. Gain a fast and simple way to securely onboard and offboard workers in minutes.

Venn has helped many companies eliminate the need for virtual desktops and helped them reduce the operation costs. No remotely delivered desktops and zero backend infrastructure to support.

Native Experience

With Venn, all work applications – such as Office 365, Zoom, SaaS apps – are run locally providing optimal performance and a familiar experience.

Users have a single computer and can seamlessly switch between work and personal use.

Secure BYO-PC

Ensure data security & compliance on BYOD laptops without VDI. With Venn, work lives in a company-controlled Secure Enclave installed on the user’s computer, where business activity is isolated and protected from any personal use on the same computer.

Turnkey Compliance

When working with contractors, keeping sensitive data safe and secure is a priority Venn provides turnkey compliance for HIPAA, PCI, SEC, SOC 2 and more making it easy to execute on any compliance requirements you need to meet.

Robust Security Controls

IT administrators can take advantage of flexible security controls to help improve contractor access and productivity while providing user flexibility. Venn enables robust administrative control over work applications and data including policies for network access, peripheral use, copy–paste and more.

Reliable Performance

No Lag, No Latency. With Venn, video and collaboration applications run reliably and smoothly whereas VDI and DaaS can be unreliable for these applications causing meetings to be interrupted or keystrokes to lag.

Onboard and Offboard Securely with Ease

With Venn you can onboard remote workers in minutes. When they leave, all work data can be instantly and remotely wiped keeping all sensitive data secure.

Save Costs

VDI is a popular choice for securing third party contractor and offshore worker devices. Venn is less costly, less complicated and preferred by users. Users can work on their own devices and IT teams save on the cost of VDI or having to lock down and ship PCs back and forth.

Productivity And Worker Satisfaction

With Venn, workers don’t have to change the way they work and they avoid annoying delays and disconnects of VDI and DaaS solutions resulting in improved productivityand worker satisfaction.

VDI Challenges Securing Remote Workers on BYO Computers

To support the growing number of remote employees in today’s workplace, IT teams first looked to leverage tools like VDI and DasS to keep workers productive while keeping the company’s data secure on unmanaged or BYOD computers. But that has its challenges.


There’s a new approach with Venn.