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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Why Venn

With Venn, Secure BYO-PC technology is now a reality without the cost and complexity of VDI.

Organizations are Embracing the Future of Work

As organizations continue to expand their remote workforces, finding better ways to secure remote work and quickly onboard/offboard employees has become a priority. Locking down and managing computers has proven to be time consuming and costly while alternatives like VDI are complex, expensive and often frustrate users.
A new approach to securing remote work is needed.

Venn Software named as a Sample Vendor for BYOPC in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Endpoint Security, 2023 and in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for I&O Digital Workplace Transformations, 2023

The growth of remote and hybrid work has driven a need for a new approach to securing BYO laptops. According to Gartner, "maintaining a robust security posture in environments where user-owned/unmanaged devices access corporate applications and data requires a dedicated BYOPC security initiative."

Gartner, Inc. "Hype Cycle for Endpoint Security, 2023" by Franz Hinner, Satarupa Patnaik, Eric Grenier, Nikul Patel and "Hype Cycle for I&O Digital Workplace Transformation, 2023" by Autumn Stanish, Pankil Sheth

Why Choose Venn?

Security and Compliance

Designed for security and compliance-driven organizations to protect company data from accidental or malicious exfiltration, compromise or loss.


Enables robust administrative control over work applications and data, network access, peripheral use, copy-paste and remote wipe, all without locking down the entire PC. 


Reduce or eliminate the cost and complexity of buying, managing and shipping company-owned PCs and Macs, as well as the need for virtual desktop infrastructure. 

User Convenience and Privacy

Enables users to work locally on a single computer with clear separation between work and personal uses. 

Rapid Onboarding

Easy integration. Onboard and offboard remote workers in minutes. 

7 Ways Venn Helps Customers Secure Remote Work at Scale

Secure BYO-PC Workforce

Secure Unmanaged And BYOD PC Or Mac

Zero Trust for Remote Workers

Isolate And Protect Work Data And Applications

Virtual Desktop Alternative

Eliminate Complexity And Reduce Costs


Secure Sensitive Client Assets

Work & Personal on One Device

Employee Productivity Improves Business Results

MDM for Laptops

Control, Secure And Administer Policies On Any BYOD Laptop

Contractors & Offshore Workers

Secure Sensitive Client Assets & Meet Compliance

Revolutionizing Remote Work with Secure BYO-PC 

Key features needed to make remote and hybrid working successful for your employees.
VDI, Cloud PCs,
Browser-only Company
Security and Compliance

Provide a single point of access for all work apps, files, and websites.

User Convenience and Privacy

Allows users to use a single computer for both work and life without impacting their user experience or performance in any way


Helps cut down on HW and management costs for remote employee computing devices


Allows centralized security and IT policies and remote management of devices

Easy Deployment

Self-service deployment and easy integration with 3rd party IT and security software

Remote Work at Scale

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love Venn

Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition
Zero Trust Security
Secure Remote Access
Rising Star
Publishers Choice: Zero Trust BYOD
Hot Company: Remote Work Security
Innovation of the Year – Cybersecurity

For Security and Compliance-Driven Organizations

An app gets launched in
Venn detects work app.
Puts virtual wrapper
around it.
Wrapper acts as firewall.
Controls what goes in and
Policies govern