The new realities of modern work have eroded the promise of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) benefits for security and compliance. As countless users across industries moved to fully or partially remote workspaces and away from traditional office desktop environments during the COVID-19 pandemic, VDI-bound organizations and users have seen their productivity hindered by unacceptable performance, lackluster connectivity with videoconferencing, and poor overall compatibility with the new way of working.

As work and life continue to overlap, security solutions must evolve with workspace trends to meet the needs of today’s workforce – wherever and however they’re working. While employees may not always be thinking about data safety and compliance, they are the first line of defense for organizations in the constant battle to prevent an attack or a breach. Today’s managed service providers and IT leaders must address these security gaps without disrupting employee productivity.

When users can work from anywhere, security solutions must work everywhere

The only way to ensure productivity, protection, and privacy in the modern mode of work is to empower employees and users to work locally. That means accessing applications, SaaS platforms, files, and data natively without relying on remote access via traditional VDI or cloud-hosted Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions.

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Modern modes of work demand modern approaches to balancing user productivity and privacy. IT leaders should ensure any solution they consider meets these four criteria that separate modern local solutions from legacy VDI:

To learn more about local solutions, download our latest whitepaper — The Future of VDI is local.

How LocalZone powers the industry’s first virtual desktop alternative

VDI has run its course. It’s time to embrace a Virtual Desktop Alternative (VDA) that satisfy today’s workspace.

Delivering the centralized management and critical information security benefits of legacy VDI, a VDA leverages the power and flexibility of modern endpoint devices and their local browser-, desktop- or mobile-based applications, regardless of the application’s deployment method (user-installed or IT managed), eliminating compatibility and performance issues. No more cumbersome toggling or unacceptable delays when meeting on Zoom.

The driving force behind this alternative is LocalZone – a smart, secure perimeter created around work applications and data that enables users to work locally with sensitive information. With this breakthrough technology, users can toggle between work and life knowing that they are staying protected and secure. LocalZone separates work applications, files, and data from personal computing resources on the same device.

Protecting sensitive data – and user privacy

LocalZone also assures users that their personal data isn’t being monitored by their company while keeping organization data safe. The technology distinguishes work resources from personal apps and information with a tell-tale visual cue (LocalZone’s Blue Border and Badge), so users know exactly what is being protected and managed versus what is being kept private. This flexibility between personal and work is a necessity in today’s remote workspace where many employees are using their own devices for work activities or using their work devices on home networks.

Organizations’ digital assets are protected even when passwords have been compromised or malware protection fails with LocalZone’s advanced digital leakage/loss and filesystem capabilities. LocalZone’s work data containment features include clipboard (copy/paste) controls, screen capture and sharing approval, and work file isolation – all ensuring that users cannot purposefully or accidentally share sensitive information with the wrong parties or over an unsecured network.

Also embedded in LocalZone is work file protection features including ransomware defense, download and upload restrictions, and policy-based sharing restrictions. Organizations can be assured that information will not be spread through private or personal channels, and also rest easier knowing they’re protected from possible cyberattacks.

Companies in regulated industries or any security-minded organizations can achieve the level of compliance, control, and visibility needed in today’s hybrid work environments and increasingly treacherous cybersecurity landscape with LocalZone. And the upgrade from the sluggish performance and cumbersome user experience of legacy VDI will make employees and users happier and more productive – all while complying with security policies.

For decades, VDI and client hypervisors have been accepted as the only solutions for protecting sensitive work applications and data. It was thought that everything needed to be abstracted or virtualized away from the user’s host operating system or physical desktop. Venn’s VDA and LocalZone are breaking this paradigm. Security can happen locally. Applications can run as intended, and users don’t have to suffer from unnecessary complications or surrender their productivity to data protection and security.

Ready to learn more about making the switch from legacy VDI to LocalZone™?  Book a demo with our experts and experience Venn’s game-changing technology. We are excited to help you and your team stay productive, protected, and private with the industry’s first Virtual Desktop Alternative.  
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