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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Learn Center

As companies adopt remote and hybrid work programs for the long run, the security of remote work, BYOD, and similar programs becomes vital to a corporate cybersecurity strategy. Remote work and the use of personal devices for business introduce security risks to the organization, such as the potential for corporate data to be stored on insecure or infected devices.

The first step to building a secure, sustainable, and successful remote work and BYOD program is understanding the security risks associated with it and the solutions that are available to manage these risks. This learning center provides information about remote work security and related technologies that can help an organization to achieve its remote work security goals.

Compliance for Global Digital Engagement Services Company

Embracing Venn helped this Global Digital Engagement Services company manage compliance and security, so much so that Venn is a selling point in their RFPs for new clients. ...

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