With the increasing prevalence of remote and hybrid work environments, companies need tech solutions that enable their employees to work securely from afar. 

But the current options are lacking.

We recently spoke with a Fortune 500 financial services company that specializes in banking and insurance programs and solutions. The majority of the organization’s sales agents work remotely, catering to and growing their client base of over 2 million people across the US. 

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These remote workers have been primarily using their personal laptops with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to access remote collaboration tools like Zoom and Microsoft Office Suite. 

However, they frequently experience issues, including:

In addition to these frustrating challenges, the organization also shared that they’ve heard other companies complaining about increasing costs from the same VDI provider, so they expect their own expenses to rise significantly in the near future.

With costs on the rise and the numerous daily challenges of their current BYOD set-up, the financial services company has been searching for a new solution that’s doing things differently.

They have been on the lookout for a secure computing solution that can meet their compliance requirements and are interested in BYOD for their remote sales team. They want to alleviate the latency and performance issues and offer employees a more seamless, native experience compared to using VDI while decreasing spend and increasing security.

Which is how they found Venn.

Venn’s Approach to Securing Remote Work

Having struggled with these very challenges in the past, Venn created a solution that enables secure remote work on personal computers without sacrificing the user experience.

Venn secures remote work with a radically simpler solution than virtual desktops or having to lock down every PC. 

With Venn, work lives in a company-controlled Secure Enclave installed on the user’s PC or Mac, where work-related activity is isolated and protected from any personal use on the same computer. Unlike VDI, which has latency and performance issues, work applications are launched directly from the computer and run locally, not a remotely-delivered desktop, providing optimal performance and a familiar experience. Venn also minimizes IT overhead while still offering central company control over application usage, data access, and network traffic.

5 Improvements for This Financial Services Organization

By employing Venn’s Secure BYOD solution, this financial services organization stands to gain a myriad of tangible benefits:

1. Enhanced cost efficiency 

This financial services organization is currently grappling with the rising costs of their underperforming VDI solution.

Rather than enduring this growing financial strain, the company stands to increase ROI with Venn. 

By leveraging Venn’s local device operation, streamlined software costs, and elimination of back-end infrastructure, the organization slashes expenses significantly. Additionally, Venn minimizes IT overhead, sparing the company from the impending cost hike of their VDI supplier and alleviating the poor performance plaguing their remote work setup.

2. Optimized IT efforts

The company’s IT team is overwhelmed, grappling with employee frustration over latency, as well as the relentless demands of VDI, including setup, management, patching, provisioning, and user onboarding/offboarding.

This intricate web of responsibilities not only strains the IT team but also hinders their capacity to focus on innovative projects that drive the business forward.

Much unlike VDI, installing Venn is as simple as clicking a link, which drastically reduces the burden on IT staff. This newfound efficiency not only enhances operational agility but also amplifies the company’s competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

3. No more latency

Since video conferencing applications would run locally, employees wouldn’t experience the frustrating, productivity-stalling latency they’ve been dealing with.

Venn’s native experience provides a completely consistent connectivity experience for maximized productivity and satisfaction.

This would result in seamless calls and multimedia usage, higher productivity, and pleased employees.

4. Enhanced user experience

With Venn, the financial services company’s remote sales team wouldn’t have to go through VDI to access their day-to-day applications. 

Venn’s intuitive interface provides a much more native experience for employees, meaning they wouldn’t have to learn a new way of working. Instead, they could simply launch applications like Microsoft Teams or Zoom from within the enclave, and use them as they normally would on their personal device. All of their work and data is protected and stays in the enclave – separated from any personal use.

5. Separate work & personal use on one device

The company also mentioned the desire for secure separation between work activity and personal usage on employees’ devices. At the moment, there is no such separation, which means private company information is at risk.

With Venn, work and personal use could be safely separated on their employees’ personal devices, completely securing company data.

Furthermore, employees can rest assured that their personal information on their devices remains entirely private and separate from their professional usage.


For this financial services organization, navigating the complexities of a partially remote workforce has presented numerous challenges. Traditional BYOD solutions have fallen short, resulting in low productivity, a frustrated IT team, and security risks. 

In considering Venn, this organization stands to elevate their current BYOD arrangement with:

Learn more about the next generation of BYOD here.

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