In today’s business environment, everyone is seeking ways to leverage technology to boost productivity and streamline their operations. One increasingly popular way recruiters have tried to increase their hiring efficiency is through “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD policies for secure end user computing. Companies are looking for a new long term strategy and we are now seeing a strong shift where BYOD is being adopted rapidly by organizations. It has increased the speed and efficiency of how recruiters hire top talent. The ability to deliver a secure workspace to employees without shipping computer hardware has made it faster and easier to onboard new employees and allow recruiters to quickly hit their hiring goals.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the main benefits of BYOD laptops (also known as BYO-PC) and how it can revolutionize your recruiting process:

Flexibility and Accessibility

In today’s shift to remote and hybrid working, many employees expect flexibility in how and where they work. Recruiters are also leveraging this expectation—hiring people and building teams in more geographically dispersed areas. Delivering machines to these remote workers can be costly and take a significant amount of time. Leveraging a BYO-PC model here can not only decrease the time to hire but also significantly increase your talent pool by expanding hiring outside the normal hiring range giving you access to more top talent.

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Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of leveraging a Secure BYO-PC strategy is the significant cost savings for the organization. Companies no longer need to purchase and configure costly hardware for each employee they hire. They also eliminate the logistics associated with shipping computers to employees or trying to get these machines back after an employee leaves the company. BYO-PC gives your team the ability to significantly decrease upfront costs and any ongoing maintenance expenses. With this new approach, resources can be reallocated to more strategic investments that can drive candidates into your funnel.

Rapid Onboarding

Another significant benefit of Secure BYO-PC is the impact it can make on your onboarding process. Recruiters are often stuck in the challenging model of hiring an employee, having IT provision a computer and then shipping it to the employee (hopefully before their start date). This process can take days or even weeks in some instances. By taking advantage of the new hire’s personal computer that they prefer to work on, recruiters can cut the time down to delivering a secure workspace to under 10 minutes.

Enhanced Productivity

A BYOD model not only helps recruiters hire and onboard more quickly, but also enhances the employee’s ability to be a productive and contributing employee faster. Employees are much more comfortable using their preferred device and are often more efficient as they are familiar with the computer they use every day. This can result in increased productivity as it eliminates any learning curve on a new device. Lastly, with almost instantaneous access to the software and resources employees need to do their job on their own device, it is easy to see why this model is preferred by recruiters and top talent alike.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees with the option of Secure BYO-PC often opt in to using their own devices and many prefer this option over a company issued device. This not only contributes to higher productivity but also can lead to increased satisfaction in their role. Happier employees can result in increased retention and productivity as well as helping recruiter secure top talent looking for this option in a new company.

Enhanced Security Measures Now a Reality

Anyone who has previously delved into securing BYO-PC in the past may have come to believe the misconception that it cannot be securely implemented. However, in recent years with remote work and BYOD being top of mind for many organizations purpose-built solutions, like Venn’s Secure BYO-PC solution, have been developed to establish safeguards and security policies to ensure compliance and to protect the organization’s data while maintaining user privacy. With enhanced security measures of MFA, encryption, restricting network access, and being able to remotely remove corporate data from an employee’s machine, it not only protects an organization from data breaches but can help them maintain strict compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, SOC2, GDPRA, etc. Recruiters and their teams can be confident that their candidates’ BYOD machine is a secure as a managed corporate device.


In conclusion a Secure BYO-PC model offers numerous benefits to the recruiters, the candidates, and the organization including increased flexibility, cost savings, rapid onboarding, increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and improved security posture. The great thing about BYO-PC? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Recruitment teams can use this as a lever to help them in hiring in a variety of ways including within certain employee groups, independent contractors, offshore scenarios, and more. There are many ways Secure BYO-PC technology is being leveraged everyday by recruiters to find the best talent and hit their goals faster in this highly competitive environment.


Dan Acquafredda

Dan Acquafredda

Senior Account Executive responsible for delivering secure remote working solutions to clients. Sales experience in the Cyber Security and HR industries brings a unique outlook of balancing IT requirements and the ability for TA departments to hire top talent. I am passionate about building strategic partnerships that ensure organizations and employees are protected against security risks.