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LocalZone™ Technology

A breakthrough solution that lets users work in a secure, local enclave on any device while keeping sensitive apps and data safe and secure.

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Keep Users in the Zone

LocalZone is the secret sauce behind Venn's Virtual Desktop Alternative (VDA).

Through patented application, filesystem and network isolation techniques, Venn eliminates the performance and compatibility challenges associated with legacy VDI.

LocalZone creates a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s local applications and data.

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Venn VDI solution for MSPs

Purpose-Built MDM Focusing on Mobile BYOD

  • Remote app management and provisioning

  • On-demand access to work files and apps

  • Separation of work and personal data

  • Device compliance and DLP protections 

How It Works

Secure Access

Venn leverages multi-factor authentication (MFA) and comprehensive device compliance checking

Seamless Performance

Users work locally with responsive performance and seamless integration

App Protection

User work apps are badged, providing a visual cue on their organization’s active Data Loss Prevention policy

Strict Compliance

Users’ work activity is audited to meet compliance & regulatory requirements without compromising privacy

LocalZone empower user productivity

Empower User Productivity

  • Delivers responsive performance and a familiar experience from the user’s local device

  • Organizes work apps in data in one convenient location

  • Works across desktop and mobile environments

LocalZone enhances data protection

Enhance Data Protection

  • Keeps work files and data encrypted at rest, in use and in transit 

  • Protects data even when passwords are compromised or malware is detected

  • Combines integrated enterprise file syncing & sharing with granular data leakage controls to protect sensitive data

LocalZone ensures employee privacy

Ensure Employee Privacy

  • Prevents firm and customer files from being transferred to employee personal devices

  • Separates non-work activities so a user’s personal apps and data are not tracked or monitored

  • Provides transparent auditing controls so users know exactly what employers are tracking

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