To ensure uninterrupted patient care, medical professionals need reliable and secure access to patient data and healthcare systems. However, the geographical distribution of health centers and personnel, operational variability between locations and entities, the need to support BYOD, remote work, acquisitions and the requirement to rapidly onboard employees to a wide range of apps, poses significant challenges.

Healthcare organizations that turn to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will discover it is too complex and costly to meet their needs. In addition, it is not user-friendly enough for a medical team that needs to focus on saving lives and answering patients’ needs. The Secure Enclave is an innovative approach that allows medical teams to continue using their own devices, while ensuring security, compliance and ease of use, in a way that is radically simplified and with lower cost to serve. Here’s how it all works.

Network and Connectivity Challenges Across Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations around the world are dealing with numerous connectivity challenges. The main ones include:

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The Challenges of VDI 

Some healthcare organizations have been using Citrix or another VDI solution for their access needs. However, VDI has not been able to address all healthcare organizational requirements in an optimal manner.

How a Secure Enclave Can Help the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations need a simplified and less costly solution that supports secure remote access while eliminating the need for VDI or having to lock down every PC. A Secure Enclave is an innovative solution that is installed on a user’s computer where access is managed and all work and patient data is isolated and encrypted.

This approach enables protection of patient and health data without having to control the entire device. As a result, remote work is easily secured on any BYOD or unmanaged PC or Mac and healthcare organizations can meet compliance regulations like HIPAA.


Users can easily distinguish what’s in the Secure Enclave and what is not; work applications opened in the enclave are visually represented with a Blue Border™. The Blue Border ensures that all medical work activity is protected and secure. IT teams can implement configurable policies so that when users are working in the enclave, applications are subject to controls that govern actions like file access, browser usage, peripheral use, copy, paste, screen capture privileges, network access and more. There is also full control over where data is stored, so IT can wipe everything when users are offboarded.

Since applications are launched locally on the user’s laptop, there aren’t any performance issues because there’s no hosted environment. Users enjoy a native local experience with low latency. In terms of cost, there is no infrastructure needed to host and run applications.

Finally, deployment and onboarding is simplified as well. It’s as easy as clicking a link, allowing for hundreds and thousands of employees to all be onboarded in one week.

By choosing a Secure Enclave, healthcare organizations can easily:

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