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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

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Today, many organizations have remote and hybrid work programs. While these programs offer significant benefits to the business — productivity, cost savings, flexibility, among others — and to their employees — improved morale, better user experience, etc. — they also come with significant security risks.


Addressing these security risks requires a wide range of capabilities, such as offering secure remote access and protecting corporate data on remote, personally-owned devices. Addressing these risks may result in an organization implementing a diverse and unmanageable array of security solutions.

Venn enables companies to support a BYOD and BYO-PC policy while managing the security risks to the organization.

Read on to learn how Venn’s unique solution enables you to quickly implement remote work security without compromising on employees’ privacy or user experience.

Increasing regulatory requirements and chronic security threats are making it harder than ever for BPOs and contractors to navigate compliance for their clients while ensuring maximum productivity.
With Venn, work lives in a company-controlled secure enclave installed on the user’s computer, where all data is encrypted and access is managed. Business activity is isolated and protected from any personal use on the same computer. As a result, remote work can now easily be secured on any BYOD or unmanaged PC or Mac without VDI.
Today’s VDI solutions fall short of the needs of modern financial services organizations, delivering cumbersome and unreliable experiences to employees. With Venn, users can securely access the information they need on the devices they want to use from wherever they may be.
Venn’s secure remote workspace gives banks, insurers, credit unions, and more the tools they need to embrace remote and hybrid work with confidence.
The sensitive, highly regulated nature of health information means adhering to regulations is crucial. Healthcare organizations are entrusted with massive amounts of patient information and medical data and need a solution in place to keep all that documentation safe and protected. Legacy VDI solutions, or distributing managed devices, are cumbersome and costly ways to manage cybersecurity and data protection.
Venn’s turnkey solution provides modern healthcare institutions with the tools they need to provide streamlined user experiences while protecting work from personal use on the same device.
For Technology companies, legacy VDI can’t keep up with the expectations of modern technology firms, providing clunky and cumbersome user experiences that hinder productivity and encourage employees to circumvent IT policies. Venn gives companies the power to protect user devices while delivering streamlined performance without the drawbacks of VDI or locking down PCs.
Venn’s secure remote workspace is built to provide technology providers with the tools they need to promote employee productivity while protecting work data from personal use on the same device. Venn’s policy admin center administrators can modify company compliance settings and monitor devices in real-time.
Rigorous compliance regulations can be difficult to consistently enforce, and with the amount of sensitive documentation held by a law firm compliance is paramount.
Venn makes managing compliance simpler with a comprehensive admin dashboard that has all the information and controls you need to manage your organization, as well as comprehensive audit capabilities. Give your employees the ability to choose the system they’ll be most productive and comfortable on without skimping on safety.
Student records and confidential research are cornerstones for educational organizations, and data leakage or exfiltration could be catastrophic. However, legacy VDI technology is inadequate for the needs of modern academic institutions, delivering laggy and cumbersome user experiences.
Venn’s new secure remote workspace makes security a priority without sacrificing productivity by using local resources to protect user devices. Venn gives you the solutions you need to adapt to a distributed student body, helping you keep lessons running smoothly and making remote learning a success. Protect your students from wherever they’re studying with endpoint security checks and multi-factor authentication.