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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

How Venn controls printing sensitive company information

Keeping data secure within the enclave is one of the primary features of Venn. Venn makes use of Data Loss Protection policies to prevent documents from being printed.

Within the Venn Secure Enclave, this badge on the side of the Word window indicates what this user is allowed to do based upon granular security policies which the company can define for this specific user, for a group of users, or the entire company. When I click on the badge, notice the item in the middle that says Printing. As this item has lock on it, this is the indication that this user is not allowed to print from the local computer. This can be turned on or off.


Let me open a word document and show you.  Here I have a document and when I click on File Print, you will notice I am unable to see my available printers.   However, if I do the same thing in Excel outside of the enclave, I can see a printer is available.


This functionality can be turned off in the DLP Policies. Let me show you that quickly.  Here in the Company Admin view, we can adjust that easily in the Policy Admin, DLP Policies by clicking Change to the right of the Printing and choosing unRestricted.  Again, as with any policies, we can set Policy Overrides to this setting for groups or individuals.